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Services That Are Revolutionizing Telecom Further

Beyond the industries core services, today’s telephony providers require a multitude of business and technological solutions that span the entire business landscape.  From customer support systems to data analytics, telecom companies must support mobile applications, web platforms, eCommerce solutions, marketing solutions, and much, much more.

Our Center for Project Performance telecom experts have decades of experience in designing and creating custom solutions for the industry’s biggest carriers.


Making Research Process Faster and Better

All around us, a new generation of technology is changing our lives, from the everyday use of personal devices to the profound ability of genomics to help us develop personalized medicines for individuals.  Yet the state of online services, basic IT and clinical tools in healthcare is far behind where it needs to be.

Microinfo Inc has been working with providers, insurers, and state governments for several years around a common vision to drive technology forward by harnessing innovation in the full spectrum from the most mundane to the most exciting, from basic IT to advanced AI.


Triggering Revolution Through Digital Revolution

From supply chain optimization to Big Data to ERP implementation support, we help our clients navigate a course to stay competitive in a fast changing market.  We help manufacturers harness opportunities found in the world of digital transformation and work to target their investment dollars so that operations and the supply chain are working in harmony.

Our team of engineers will bring the future into focus by collaborating on new technologies to capture data and application integration to drive efficiency across the manufacturing business landscape.


Why Us?

Microinfo Inc provides digital transformation services to retailers and helps improve their competitiveness by implementing cutting edge solutions to meet the rapid changes in consumer shopping habits and retail technologies.

Microinfo Inc consultants have the experience to help you integrate market-leading eCommerce website platforms and supply chain solutions for B2C and B2B.  Our team will plan, build and implement strategies and solutions solutions to meet the demands of a high volume industry


Why Us?

With many years of experience in the world of logistics and supply chain, we understand the challenges companies face in the modern economy. This experience helps design and build innovative technology solutions for our customers.

Microinfo Inc provides digital transformation services to the logistics industry and helps harness competitiveness by implementing cutting edge solutions to meet the rapid changes that engulf the supply chain world.

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